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Dr. Cooper was privileged to have grown up in a family who found homeopathy in the late 60's. Dr. Cooper was initially treated by Dr. Marion Belle Rood, MD who graduated from New York Medical College in the early 1930's and then returned to Lapeer, Michigan where she practiced homeopathy for many decades.

Because of this exposure to one of America's treasured homeopaths, Mary Alice Cooper, desired to follow in Dr. Rood's footsteps towards becoming a homeopath herself.  The homeopathic physicians that Mary Alice Cooper met and studied with in her earlier years, all encouraged Mary Alice to attend medical school in order to be the best homeopath possible.  Henry Williams, MD a homeopath from Lancaster County PA,  advocated for her to be a physician as he felt it was important to understand what happens to people before they turn to homeopathy. 

Dr. Cooper took he
r first course in homeopathy in 1976 at the National Center for Homeopathy Summer School in Millersville, PA. She has continued her studies in Homeopathy with homeopaths of many generations for nearly forty years.

Dr. Cooper attended and graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 1991 and completed her Post-Graduate Internship at Michigan State University-Kalamazoo Center for Medical Studies in June 1992. She completed her Bachelors in Science in Chemistry from Eastern Montana College in 1983 as well a Masters in BioPhysical Chemistry from the University of New Mexico in 1986.

Dr. Cooper has been in full time practice of homeopathy since 1992 and has treated thousands of patients with a multitude of chronic and acute diseases. She has studied and treated hundreds of patients using Visceral Manipulation since 1993.

 She has taught in the New Mexico School of Classical Homeopathy, UNM Continuing Education, and a monthly study group that has met for over 14 years.

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